Matt and Kate are travelling, for a year.

If you didn’t know that already then why are you reading their inane blog?


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    So you went for the handsome support staff, good move. sounds like you’re having a blast, have a pint of bitter for me.
    I wish we’d bought Air Asia flights, hugely expensive Singapore Airlines for us next month to London when you’ll be perigrinating somewhere in Nth Spain. Nice pics.

  2. 2

    andreas said,

    Hi Matt & Kate,
    hope You still did like Your first day in Egypt despite the hassle that in a way was my fault to create! But never sacrifice Your feeling for truth!
    All the best for all the many days of travel to come.
    Yours Andreas

    • 3

      mattveryard said,

      We did indeed enjoy it, there was no despite anything. The only problems were the crazy guys in the restaurant.

      It was great to meet you and travel together for a few days. Hope your next big trip is great.

      Matt & Kate

  3. 4

    Hi. I sent a message a while back and I haven’t heard back yet, so I decided it maybe time to try again. So I’m a graphic design student and I was given an assignment to make a brochure an a company of my choice (it had to be a form of transportation). Thanks to your blog about traveling the world I was inspired for a direction on my brochure on Vespa Scooters! I was hoping I could get permission to use you photos from you blog in the spreads. I’ll be using them as a student for my portfolio show and I will not be making money from this. I can even give Matt & Kate’s travel blog credits on the final piece. Well I hope to hear from either on you soon (this is kinda time sensitive)


  4. 5

    Claire Segura said,


    I work on a schoolbook for Belin publishing at Paris. The author found your picture of a malian village near the river and would like to reproduce it in the book.

    Would you be so kind as to give us your agreement for this publication and precise yours conditions of reproduction (fees).

    Thanking you,


    Claire Segura

  5. 6

    Bashar said,

    Hi Matt & Kate,

    I hope you guys are still running this blog. I stumbled across your blog during my search for many pictures of Aleppo city across the web. I’ve been working on a charity non-profit project, a short video to raise support and awareness about the civil war in Syria and what it has been doing to its people and cities. Especially in Aleppo, being the one with the most destruction and loss rate.

    The Aleppo Citadel picture placed on top of your Syria post looks great and very suitable for what I’ve been working on. I wonder if you could be so kind and give me the permission to use it in this project. I will definitely credit you along with everyone else I’m thanking. Also when I publish the video I’ll send you guys the link to see your Photograph in action if you like.
    Eagerly awaiting your response.

    Best regards,

    • 7

      mattveryard said,

      Hi Bashar,

      Of course you can use the photos. Syria is a beautiful country with beautiful people.


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